Quality Assurrance
PhytoHealers Group is proud to be one of the most successful new health product companies offering a complete line of surperior quality products that are proven safe and effective for professional practitioner distribution. Our first concern is the integrity of our product. Our advantage is having the experience of working with the supplement manufacturing industry for more than a decade and are committed to helping our clientele become and remain successful in the highly competitive health and wellness industry by providing top-quality phytoceuticals, including herbal supplements and topical creams, which have quickly become some of our most popular options based on feedback requests.
Our clientele of professional practitioners feel confident knowing we use manufacturers for our products who are c GMP and GMP certified, which means the products meet the strictest FDA guidelines. With our team of TCM and ND doctors combined experiences we have sourced thousands of potent raw ingredients from around the world creating unique formulations for manufacturing. Once receiving the finished product we take it to another level of quality assurance by sending the product to a comprehensive third party testing to ensure safety and efficacy.